Atoka has a proven history of assisting and completing conservation real estate projects in a timely manner to ensure that our client’s financial and conservation goals are accomplished. A conservation easement is a contract between a landowner and a land trust to protect the natural, scenic, historic, or open-space features of a property. An easement donation is a complex process that can take 6-9 months to complete.

Atoka Funding Assistance Program

The pursuit of a conservation easement can result in some significant upfront costs, costs that will ultimately be paid off after the sale of the Land Preservation Tax Credits.

Atoka offers a Funding Assistance option for qualifying landowners. Atoka will pay the upfront costs for retaining legal, appraisal, and other necessary services to begin working on the easement deed and other necessary documents. The landowner reimburses Atoka these fees once the tax credits have been monetized.

For more information about our Funding Assistance program, please contact Atoka Conservation Exchange directly.

Atoka Conservation Exchange will work with you, your professional advisors and your land trust to facilitate the process since each easement is unique and somewhat negotiable depending on which land trust you select. For the landowner, the ultimate financial return received from the sale of your land preservation tax credits may depend on decisions you make in the initial easement creation process. We can assist you with those important decisions and you pay us nothing for our services until you receive money from the tax credit sale.

Advisory Process

Property Visit
Understanding Your Goals
Advisory/Credit Listing Agreement
Advisors and Appraisal
Easement Donation
Registering Your Credits
Completing Credit Sales



The first benefit is the perpetual conservation of the land you love.

Second, there are a number of federal and state income and estate tax incentives that may be of benefit depending on your financial situation. Income tax rules are complex and subject to varying interpretations so consult your tax advisor.

‚In general, those benefits are:

Federal Charitable Income Tax Deduction
Estate Tax Reduction
Real Estate Tax Reduction
Virginia Land Preservation Tax Credits


A simple example:

$2,000,000 ‒ Property value BEFORE the easement is donated

$1,000,000 ‒ Property value AFTER the easement is donated

$1,000,000 ‒ Value of the conservation easement (Federal deduction)

$400,000 ‒ 40% Virginia Land Preservation Tax Credit