For the landowner, the ultimate financial return received from the sale of your land preservation tax credits may depend on decisions you make in the initial easement creation process. Atoka represents landowners located throughout Virginia with easement tax credits for sale ranging from $100,000 to millions.

Additional Eco-Services

Atoka Conservation Exchange works with partners to identify properties suitable for: nutrient banks stream restoration, as well as wetland preservation and enhancement. For landowners pursuing conservation easements these projects often fit nicely to provide additional conservation value as well as significant financial return.

Real Estate

Atoka provides qualified real estate owners, operators and developers with representation in establishing the eligibility of a project to generate Federal and Virginia Rehabilitation Tax Credits, quantifying the current market value and monetizing the credits on behalf of the owner.

Easement Benefits

The conservation of the land you love is the ultimate benefit. Atoka will work with you, your professional advisors and your land trust to facilitate the process to ensure the outcomes you wish. Each easement is unique and somewhat negotiable depending on which holder you choose. As an advisor, you pay us nothing for our services until you receive money from the tax credit sale.
Federal Charitable Income Tax Deduction: This incentive delivers to landowners a deduction over which a donor can take deductions for 16 years against their 50% of their adjusted gross income (AGI) in any year. Qualified farmers and ranchers can deduct up to 100% of their AGI.
Virginia Land Preservation Tax Credits: This state tax credit is given to donor/ landowners at a rate of 40% of the easement’s charitable donation amount and can be used to offset the donor’s Virginia income tax liability dollar-for-dollar. Unused or excess credit may be sold or transferred to other Virginia taxpayers at a 10-15% discount to the $1 par value. Please contact our office for an update on the market and sales prices.

Why Choose Atoka

      • We work with landowners to create layers of conservation and financial value
      • Atoka Funding Assistance Program: Atoka offers a Funding Assistance option for qualifying landowners. Atoka will pay the upfront costs for retaining legal, appraisal, and other necessary services to begin working on the easement deed and other necessary documents.
      • We help you choose from a variety of ways to structure and finance conservation and historical preservation
      • We work both sides of the landowner’s and the owner’s balance sheet to optimize their outcome.
      • More than $70,000,000 credits sold

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